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The Rudolph Power Lever is designed to fit our elite hunting and tactical scopes.  Machined from high grade aluminum you can be confident that it will perform in every situation.  The ring fits any scope's magnification dial that measures 41.8-43mm in diameter.  Enables quick and accurate adjustments.  

Below is a list of scopes that know can take advantage of the Rudolph Power Lever.  

  • Rudolph AR 1-6x24mm
  • Rudolph AR 1-8x24mm
  • Rudolph - T1 6-24x50 T3
  • Rudolph - VH 4-16x50 T3&T5
  • Rudolph - VH 6-24x50 T3&T5
  • Nightforce - NXS Full Size Series
  • Vortex Viper HS w/ Rubber Mag Rings
  • Leupold MK8 1.1-8
  • Leupold MK6
  • Burris E1